Security Cable Kits - Computer Security Cable Kits

LCD Projector Security Cable

Designed to utilize the security slot provided
Secure multiple pieces of equipment

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Notebook Hook Lock Security

Effective and economical security

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Computer Cable Security

Secure any PC compatible computer
Cost effective computer hardware security

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MAC Cable Security

For the iMACG5
For the eMAC

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Printer, Copier and Fax Cable Security

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Modular Customized
Security Protection Systems

Security Cable Kits for all office equipment. From any type of computer to printers to FAX machines, BMS anti theft devices like BMS Cable Locks will deter theft and protect unauthorized access to valuable internal components.

BMS's security cable core is constructed using 1/8 inch galvanized aircraft cable. The cable consists of 7 bundles; each containing 19 strands of wire spiraled and weaved together to create the most durable and cut resistant cable possible. Strong yet flexible to allow for easy wrapping and storage. The soft vinyl coating protects your computer, carrying case, and whatever you use to wrap the cable around as your anchor point.

 Cables, of course, can be used and reused on any piece of equipment. We utilize a variety of cable attachments so you are not limited to using only adhesive attachments plates.